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Lahden Seta Ry is a human rights and service organization with the aim of progressing sexual and gender equality and to prevent prejudice and discrimination against different sexual orientations and expressions of gender.

Absolutely anyone is welcome. The activities of Lahden Seta are non-discriminatory, and you do not need to be a member to participate.


Currently none of our groups are in English, but nevertheless you are welcome to participate in the activities like groups, parties and events organized by the association. More information also in English can be found at the calendar.


Lahden Seta is a non-discriminatory zone and we adhere to a safer space policy.


Safer space policy

*All kinds of discrimination, racism and harassment are strictly forbidden in our events.

*Respect your own limits and those of others – both physical and mental.

*No means no. Stop your action or change it, if you are asked to.

*Do not assume the gender, sexual orientation, functional capacity or other personal attributes.

*Be open and listen – do not assume or generalize anyone’s experience.

*Respect everyone’s right to define themselves or not.

*Give space! Make sure that everyone is heard and can participate in conversation.

*Everyone is responsible for making a space safe. If you notice discrimination, racism or harassment, step in.


If you have any questions about the association or our events please do not hesitate to ask from info(a) or our PR officer through Facebook Messenger!